The Mexican American Center for Community and Economic Development (MACED) is currently seeking individuals to help us in the establishment of community newspaper network in Texas.

If you like to tell stories or take photographs . . .  we want to talk to you. If you have a computer sitting on your desk you are really not using that much . . . . . we want to talk to you!

Information is power! Too many people miss out on opportunities because they just didn't know. Too many students are going to college and having to pay the full cost because they just didn't know that such and such an organization had scholarships available. Too many people pay too much money for goods and services because they didn't know there was a smarter way to buy the items in question.

The newspaper network we are building is based on the premise that information is power. With the continued globalization that we see taking place before our very eyes, there are hundreds of opportunities to be a smart consumer.

The first publication in our network is La Voz de Brarozia County. This is a 16 page  monthly publication with an English/Spanish format. The second publication in the network is La Voz de Dove Springs in Austin, Texas We are especially interested in talking to people in the following Texas counties: Hays, Williamson, Tom Green, Medina, Frio and La Salle about starting newspapers.

If you are looking for something interesting to do, something where you don't have to quit your day time job, then give us a call at (512) 291-9060. Ask for Alfredo Santos c/s
Mexican American Center for
Community and Economic Development
Community Journalism Project:
Looking for a second career? Too young to retire? Want to do something exciting and challenging on a part time basis? Interested in making $1,000 extra a month? Orale, we want to talk to YOU!
La Voz de Austin

La Voz de Brazoria County

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