The Mexican American Center for Community and Economic Development was started by Jose V. Uriegas of Uvalde, Texas in 1974. Based in Austin, Texas, MACED, obtained funding to carry out a number of community and economic development projects throughout Texas. One such project was a 1978 CETA (Comprehensive Education and Training Act) funded project that trained farm workers to become entry level managers of businesses. With centers in Uvalde and McAllen, Texas, MACED was able to produce a crop of more than 100 students who successfully moved out of farm work and now enjoy challenging careers in a number of business fields. 

    Today, the Mexican American Center for Community and Economic Development continues to explore new and innovative ways to carry out its mission of helping communities to grow and develop. Alfredo Rodriguez Santos c/s, is the Chief Operating Officer of the organization and directs a number of projects including a chain of community based newspapers in selected counties throughout the state of Texas. These publications provide timely news and information about efforts to carry out community and economic development. MACED is also working to re-introduce a transporation modality known as Jitney Service. (En Mexico se llama, el pesero.) This project was tested in Houston, Texas in the 1980s and is currently being shopped around the state as a complement to existing transportation services.

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